Random notes for PCB design..

I’ve done some hobby electronics using primarily through-hole parts, so SMDs (surface mount devices) are somewhat new to me. (I haven’t been paying much attention to them, because I tend to use vero boards or self etched PCBs without solder mask or other fancy things.) Notes-to-self:

  • The MPU-6050 comes in a 24-lead QFN package. This sucks, because it will be harder to solder than a QFP package.
  • Soldering 0805 packages by hand should be OK
  • Pick and place machines should be able to handle down to 0603 packages, but not every machine can do 0402 packages. (Heard this on The Amp Hour, I think.)
  • Also, DX sells SMD soldering practice boards. I might try this out…
A couple of different packages

Here is a pic to demonstrate scale


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