MPU-6050 /w DMP accelerometer demo

After connecting the MPU-6050 again to an Arduino, initializing the DMP and realizing that the accelrometer data is in *signed* 16-bit integers, I’ve got the following:

  • Looks like the default setup is for the 4 g range. That’s very nice.
  • The x- and y-axis are fairly precise, but in my case, the z-axis shows slightly less than 0.9 g, when it should be 1.0 g. I wonder if it varies from chip to chip..

I converted the previous demo for the analog accelerometer for the MPU-6050. You can download the thing here. (There are 2 Processing sketches: one showing the 16-bit measurements and one showing those measurements converted to g forces.)

Also: I wrote a Processing sketch that tries to measure a traveled distance based on the accelerometer. It just uses the s = 0.5 a * t^2 + v*t formula. Currently the results are way off. But this is partly, because rotation isn’t taken into account. Tilting the sensor one way causes it to “accelerate” into two directions (because I compare the acceleration to a pre-measured offset). So, there is plenty room for improvement. I uploaded it here. (Use the same sketch for Arduino as in the¬†aforementioned “mpuAccelerometerDemo”.)


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