1 – I read a book about Arduino and embedded systems by David Russell. I’ts a nice introduction to embedded systems, C and the ATmega328. It does not cover the Arduino IDE at all, but rather introduces concepts, the C-language and the microcontroller with it’s features. I guess it’s worth reading and certainly beats studying only the uC’s datasheet. It doesn’t go into detail about the I2C and SPI busses, though.

2 – Also, learned (at the local hackerspace) that quaternions are turned into something more “real” by simply throwing them against suitable rotation matrices.. This needs to be looked into. Apparently it is done all the time in computer graphics programming.

3 – Learned that Seeed Studio also does PCB manufacturing. (Click on “services”.) Looks like I’ve got to teach myself to use Eagle after all. I just hate that messy component library system. It takes ages just to find a resistor. Well, as a newbie it does, anyway.

4 – Ordered a SMD rework station.


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