Google tech talk from a couple of years back

Just found a good tech talk by registering to the InvenSense site, thus getting access to the forums. (I’ve tried to register to their site before, but this time it finally worked.) The talk is a bit discouraging regarding the part about measuring position from acceleration.

EDIT: Euler angles and quaternions start at 35:30


2 thoughts on “Google tech talk from a couple of years back

  1. Have you considered the MPU-6150 instead? InvenSense suggests these are the suitable option for Smart TV remote controls – maybe capable of producing more accurate results for position.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. At a quick glance it looks very similar to the 6050, which is also marketed towards these applications. I don’t know how differently they would behave in practice. Anyway, I’m using the 6050 mainly as it is easily obtainable from many resellers on breakout boards without the need to buy an official evaluation kit. (Don’t know if there even is a kit for the 6150.) I don’t have the guts to solder these tiny chip packages to anything without having a well made proto board first 🙂 Also, there is already some code on the internet for using the 6050.

      As an alternative, I would have been interested in trying out the 6000 as it has a SPI-bus (and its available on breakout boards from DIY drones, if I recall correctly), but now I’ve already got a bunch of 6050s to play with..

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